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"Resolute Tax Services is phenomenal company.  When I received the paperwork in the mail that I was being audited, I thought my life was over.  Through lots of research I hired Resolute to handle my irs audit...and they did what I didn't think was possible.  They got the IRS agent to recommend no changes be made to my return.  They treated me with respect and caring.  They helped me through this process so I could provide the documentation to support my return.  I couldn't recommend them more highly!"

Marcie M.- Yelp  of Chandler, Az.

"Resolute Tax saved my life. I was depressed and really didn't know what to do. I felt like I couldn't work anywhere. I thought the IRS was unstoppable. Brandon at Resolute came in and got my case on hold so we could file the taxes and work out a resolution. Resolute Tax was as easy as a company can be to work with."

T. Albertson of Chandler, Az. 

"I was keeping everything from anyone. I was embarrassed of what I had got myself into with the IRS. I went to Resolute Tax and they have become a trusted friend. They got me out of the situation I was in. I saved not only thousands of dollars but parts of my life as well. 

V. Karacca of Scottsdale Az.

"I am glad I stumbled on this Honest company. I called a large "nationwide Tax Firm". I paid that firm more than five thousand dollars and they did not get anything accomplished. As soon as I signed a contract with Resolute Tax they contacted the Revenue Officer and had him release all the levy's he had out at that time. They then got me time to gather all my information and for them to prepare my returns. They then got the resolution I needed and saved me thousands of money and saved my company from bankruptcy."

S. Stout of Tempe, Az. 

"I was involved in a Ponzi Scheme. With their expertise they argued my case and got me undress of thousands of dollars back in taxes paid over the past five years. I had two firms try to get it before and they never were able to do this. I am indebted forever."

L. Night of Alpine, Ut

"I was a mess. I thought my life was falling apart. I knew I needed help. The biggest weight on my shoulders was my IRS Debt. I tried to ignore it for years. Finally one day it took me to the depths of despair. A coworker recommended calling Resolute Tax Services. From the day I talked to Brandon on that weight of my IRS Debt was off my shoulders. One year later I had all my returns filed and my 70k IRS Tax Debt was lowered to $1250.00. I am now living without that anxiety. "

N. Rodfile Gilbert, Az.

Back Taxes? Has it been years since you have filed your tax returns. We understand the snowball effect. Something happened that got you from filing one year thinking next year I will catch up. Well now it is five years later and you feel overwhelmed. Our Arizona Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents are here to help you with these tax problems. We are here to help lift that load of weight off your shoulders. More info....
IRS Debt? We understand that things happen. We also understand the stress that comes from owing the IRS or State money. It can cause nights and nights of staying awake not being able to sleep. It can make you feel like someone is watching you and you always have to be looking over your shoulder. Take that Monkey off your back. Let our Tax attorneys and Tax Professionals fix your debt today. Call Now. More info....
Tax Audit? Have you been hit by surprise and received a dreaded letter from the IRS that you are being Audited? Got that sick feeling in your stomach? Or have you been trying to navigate through an audit with no headway? Our Tax Professionals and Tax Attorneys can help you get the best results from the Audit. Don't go at it alone. The IRS does not have your best interest. Call Now. More info....

Dear Future Client,

My Name is Brandon Metcalfe, EA. I am the Owner of Resolute Tax Services. I am an Enrolled Agent. I would like to introduce you to my Company and invite you to hire us to ease the burdens of IRS Debts and IRS Audits.

I have over twelve years of experience in Tax Resolution. I have worked for over five years at one of the Nation’s Largest Tax firms and have worked in other Law Firms here in Arizona and nationwide for Arizona Tax Attorneys.

I have built Resolute Tax around You our client. I have seen the difficulties these other models have. I know that with these big firms you can become a number and get lost in the shuffle. Most of the time the work that you paid for them to do will never get done and in most of cases it isn’t even the best solution for your situation. This is caused from having a salesperson meeting with the client and telling them he is a “consultant”.

These companies are starting to be looked at by the government and they have been successful in shutting down two of the largest firms. Ronni Deutch was closed by the State Bar of California in 2011 and JK Harris filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in early 2012, caused by numerous lawsuits from Attorney’s general offices around the country. Don’t get ripped off by these companies.

Next a Law Firm can be good but does have a downside. You are usually facing higher and higher fees. Most Law firms practice different kinds of Law so it can be debatable in how often they deal with these issues. Also Attorneys are notorious for being unreachable. An Attorney can call himself a “Tax Attorney” without having any experience dealing in Taxes. Watch out for these Attorneys. 

I have built a Firm to meet these needs. Being able to make Resolute Tax a customer focused Firm we have been able to make services affordable and have filled the communication gap of always being available. Not only do we do Tax Preparation and other year to year tax activities but we specialize in IRS and Arizona Audit Representation, and offer's in compromise(IRS settlements). We have been representing Taxpayers all over the country in IRS Audits. Representing in an IRS Audit is a lot about the experience the representative has. I have stepped in time after time to help other CPA's, Tax Attorneys and other tax professionals to consult on how I think the Audit will go. You have to have the experinece to know what the IRS is looking for and what the purpose of that would be. Not knowing these things can put the Taxpayer in a really bad situation when the tax audit is finished. 

We have also specialized in Offers in Compromise and solving othe IRS Tax problems. We would put our record against any other firm in the negotiations we perform day in and day out with the IRS for our clients. We get more done and do it more effective. We solve Tax Problems.  

I want to invite you to come in for a FREE consultation so you can get a feel of what we are about and see that we have Your best interest at heart. You can call me direct or email me with a question.

I hope we can talk and I hope I can show you that we want to help and solve these burdens that don’t have to be there.

Put our Tax Resolution to the test.

Brandon H Metcalfe, EA
Owner/ CEO
Cell- (480)442-1040

FREE Consultation

Tax Debt Negotiation and Resolution

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